Meet The Team

Here at Precious Ones nursery, we pride ourselves on child care.
Ensuring the most professinal care with a personal touch.

Jade Pollard (manager)

I have over 21 years’ experience as a nursery manager & teacher at Leeds city college for over 10 years.
My interest are walking, jogging, reading and spending time with family also I love quizzing.
I enjoy working a precious ones nursery because of the unity of the staff and the teamwork and passion to childcare.

I have participated in many charity events such as a Leeds half marathon and a parachute jump for a local children’s charity

Lisa Wilkinson

I have been a nursery nurse for 20 years, spending my career here at Precious Ones. I also have an 8 year old boy. My favourite hobbies and interests are family time, reading & going for walks. I have been here just over 20 years, it feels like home from home, my second family. I love watching the children blossom & grow. Their achievements fill me with pride.


Rosemary Seymour

Working for holiday companies in Turkey and Greece – working in children’s holiday clubs in the summers teaching adults and children sailing.

Worked in France and Austria in winter worked as a private nanny in luxury chalets in the mountains.

I like to ride my motorbike, modify my motorbike, clean my motorbike and spend all my money on fuel. I also like to explore new places on my motorbike, track racing off-road motorcross & skiing and snowboarding and watching documentaries and painting.


Maureen Faye Grant

I have worked with Precious Ones for approximately 17 years I have worked in all the groups but stayed the longest in Babies.

I enjoy story or song time, messy play and the outdoors.
I also enjoy singing, cooking and worship.

I really enjoyed the children watching them grow and develop. Also, the staff, it’s so diverse and there are always new things to discover foods cultures and wisdoms.

At Precious Ones it is so easy to develop friendships with the parents so there is a nice rounded relationship.


Paulette Moore

16 years experience.

I like dress making, my playstation and the gym.

Everyday is different, i get on well with colleagues, enjoy the challenges of working with children of different ages, tempriments and abilities. I was only meant to be here for 2 weeks, I'm still here 17 years later.


Ashvinder Matharu

I have worked a Precious Ones nursery for 25 years, I have seen lots of children come through the nursery and some of the children bring what is now their children to nursery who used to attend Precious Ones.

I love watching movies, cooking, shopping and travelling and visiting different places in cities.
I have worked with most of my colleagues for years we get along very well with each other and can have a laugh and a joke with each other. It’s a nice nursery with a range of children from different ethnic minority groups. It is open planned so all the children get to mingle with each other older children very caring towards babies.
Over the past years most children that come to Precious Ones nursery have been recommended by other parents and they feels staff are very friendly and welcoming as they come to visit.


Olivia Walker (SENCO)

I have worked with a variety of children from all ages and backgrounds within the UAE and Leeds, particularly those with Special Educational Needs.

I have an avid interest in sociology and human rights and thouroughly enjoy learning about different cultures. In my spare time I like to socialise with my family and friends, travel to new places and listen to a range of music.

I admire and enjoy the acceptance of multiculturalism and diversity at Precious Ones Nursery, alongside the dedicated and talented staff who create a loving, nurturing and safe learning environment for all children.

Carmel McLoughlin (housekeeping)

 I’ve worked in a private nursery when I was on work experience at school. It turned into a summer job. I’ve also had three children of my own since and I’ve played a big part of bringing up my niece who is now 24.

I already work in the school surrounded with children and I go on days out with the younger classes as/if when needed. I’ve also done one-to-one with 2 to 3 children if no one else to cover.
I do love to decorate and up cycle and recycle furniture.

I love my music really loud with lots of bass.

I love spending time with my kids as they’re growing up quickly it’s important to make memories.

Parmjeet Padam (cook)

I have been the nursery cook for 19 years. I Enjoy spending time with the family.
I feel very comfortable working at Precious Ones, we are like a little family. I also really love seeing the children grow into little stars.

Sarah Christie (Finance Administrator)

I am the finance administrator and I have worked a Precious Ones for over five years now.
My hobbies in interests are reading and making cakes, I also enjoy spending time with my family, like to explore different areas of the country whilst walking and visiting National trust properties. I enjoy working up precious ones because  it has a happy friendly and lively atmosphere. All the children make you smile.

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