Here at Precious Ones, every child will have a designated Key person, this will enable us to build a strong building relationship between the Key Person and your child. EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) say that positive relationships are built on Key Person relationships in early year settings. This will ensure that a child’s needs are tailored with the assurance that we will help build a positive and great learning environment at nursery also liaising and providing any help that is needed both at nursery and at home.


We record your child’s development in a profile, which is filled with observations, photos and activities which your child enjoys at Nursery. In this profile, there is also your child’s development and progress during their time at Precious Ones Nursery. Working closely with your child's Key Person, we ensure that from this early stage, all needs are tailored and met.

We welcome parents involvement in the growth and development of a child's record, the EYFS say that for a child to build a good relationship with a Key Person is essential at this stage. We have a range of activities and development tools to help make this happen.

Helping Support Transition & Development


During this stage we also ensure that we communicate with parents and any information is shared to help your child in the transition into the new group, with their new Key Person.

We reflect on each child's learning journey, which will include important feedback from a child's parent/guardian. The next step in this method is identifying the needs and plan the right stimulating activites which would be both age and stage appropriate.

Giving Your Child The Best Start

Pre School

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and our pre school can help the transition to school in the most effective way to ensure that children reach their full potential.

The prime areas proceed to develop quicker in response to relationships & experiences, this continues with the support and learning in all other areas. EYFS says that the prime areas are fundimental as they are aimed to support children in gaining confidence in: Personal, Social & Emotional development, Physical development and Communication & Language.

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