Rose went for a 2 week visit to Sweden and Slovenia last month and has come back with lots of new ideas. 

She went with the aim of learning about and bringing back information about how to implement the development of inclusive education methods for pre-school children from socially disadvantaged, or culturally different environments.

She was hoping to visit early years settings to see how they implement the education system. She hoped to bring back ideas for different provisions, resources and methods of teaching by visiting colleges and nurseries, as well as attending conferences and also gave a presentation to delegates from Sweden, Slovenia, Greece, Chezk republic and Bosnia about the Early Years education system in the UK and visited workshops. She attended presentations on how settings work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, other cultures and SEN.

Having returned from her trip, Rose has brought back ideas and activities to implement in our nursery, such as a family Tree in the Toddlers to give the children the opportunity to talk and reminisce about their own families and places they have been. Rose also involved the children in making a vegetable garden to grow fresh vegetables to have at lunch, teaching the children about healthy eating and about patience while they wait and care for the vegetables and get to enjoy them in time.