We, who work for and manage Precious Ones Nursery, recognise that the needs and safety of ALL children in our care are paramount, and must override all other considerations. We actively promote the development of a positive self- image within our children, and recognize that to help achieve this aim we must work as partners with parents and carers in an open and honest way.


We aim to open up our links with the local community, develop and maintain strong links with other agencies and have them in turn, recognize our professionalism.


We aim to provide positive images of different ethnic minorities, gender and cultures and to provide places for special needs children, with staff who are trained to give the child and parent or carer, the support they need.


We aim to encourage the participation of parents and carers in relevant aspects of the Nursery, and openly share information, resources and practical advice.


As a continual Improvement centre, we aim to support our staff with training courses to enable them to develop skills and confidence through sharing full responsibility for their group.